HemoLatin-QoL (click into the link to be redirect to the HemoLatin-QoL website)

HemoLatin-QoL Questionnaire

27-item version / Six subescales (physical functioning, pain, emotional functioning, social functioning, mental health, environment conditions) / One composite global score (Quality of Life)


HemoLatin-QoL is indexed by PROQOLID/ePROVIDE (Mapi Research Trust, France)


The HemoLatin-QoL questionnaire, available in the two original languages (Spanish and Portuguese), is a property of the author Prof. Dr. Eduardo Remor.
To use the questionnaire, the potential user has to contact with the author. The questionnaire copyright is to be acknowledged in the use and the publication of any results.
Although available at no charge, the use of the HemoLatin-QoL is subject to the standard copyright protection, i.e.
– the original source and authorship shall be quoted and acknowledged,
– the instrument shall not be modified to maintain its scientific integrity.
Development of new translations, modified versions or any other derivatives – such as electronic versions – are not permitted without permission and involvement of the author. Please contact Prof. Dr. Eduardo Remor.